Mobilize to Demand Gov. Brown Sign California Dream Act, AB 131!

BAMN march in Sacramento for the California Dream Act September 2007

Petition and Mobilize State Wide to Demand that Governor Brown sign the California Dream Act, AB 131!

(Petición en español AQUÍ.)

The new civil rights/immigrant rights movement must ACT NOW to get Governor Jerry Brown to sign the California Dream Act, AB 131. While campaigning for governor, Brown promised to support the Dream Act, and grant equal access to state financial aid for undocumented immigrant students. But now he is threatening to veto the bill and may do so as early as September 9th. BAMN is calling for DEMONSTRATIONS STATEWIDE. Sign and circulate the PETITION BELOW to MOBILIZE your school, church, workplace and community!

Follow this website for updates and subscribe to our email list for action updates! We must ACT NOW — time is of the essence!


1. Organize a demonstration in your school, campus, or community! Contact a BAMN organizer today! 

2. Sign the petition and spread it far and wide! Share the link on Facebook and Twitter and email:

3. Mobilize your school, community, church, and workplace by circulating the paper petition — download the PDF at  (PDF en espanol)

Mail petitions to BAMN at:  755 McAllister St.  San Francisco, CA 94102 or fax to 313-963-7587

4. In addition, fax petitions to the Governor at: (916) 558-3160 and phone the Governor at (916) 445-2841.


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