BAMN Post-Election Statement: PERSPECTIVE and CALL TO ACTION to Defeat Trump’s Racist Vision for America

Ronald Cruz November 10, 2016 TRUMP MUST GO! Comments Off on BAMN Post-Election Statement: PERSPECTIVE and CALL TO ACTION to Defeat Trump’s Racist Vision for America
BAMN Post-Election Statement: PERSPECTIVE and CALL TO ACTION to Defeat Trump’s Racist Vision for America


Berkeley: Wednesday 11/09 (and Thursday 11/10) 6PM Gather at Bancroft + Telegraph in Berkeley, CA… 7PM March!

DETROIT: Thursday 11/10 5PM at Wayne State University Undergraduate Library (5515 Gullen Mall, Detroit, MI)

• Defend Immigrant Rights
• Stop Trump’s Deportations
• Open Borders
• Shut Down Immigrant Concentration Camps (Detention Centers)
• Defend Sanctuary Cities and Sanctuary Campuses
• No Wall, No Militarization of the Border with Mexico
• Stop the Creation of a Trump-led Police State
• Build a Mass Movement for Democracy and Equality to Stop Trump’s Racist and Misogynist Movement of Hate

Join BAMN. We will not accept the coming to power of a fascist movement in America. No Trump Tyranny!

emergencyresponseproteststoptrump110916v2Donald Trump has used the presidential election in the United States to build a movement modeled on the semi-fascist ultra-right wing immigrant bashing parties of Europe, like the Le Pen National Front, and the historical experience of the rise to power of Mussolini’s fascists and Hitler’s Nazi’s. With Donald Trump’s assumption of the presidency, the first step would be taken in the creation of a fascist power over the American government and the American people. The feeble electoral tactics of Clinton’s Democrats have failed to prevent this disaster for democracy in the U.S. and around the world. Both the Democratic Party and the American news media have proven bankrupt in defeating Trump or even in speaking the plain truth about the threat he presents and the real character of the movement he heads.

Trump and his movement can be defeated, but only by a new mass movement committed to the principles of democracy, equality, diversity, and openness. Only such a movement can defeat Trump, his billionaire club backers, and his mass lynch-mob followers’ struggle to undermine those principles in order to carry out draconian attacks on immigrants, organized labor, and all oppressed communities. Trump’s movement is at war with the new majority-minority America with its liberating commitment to diversity, tolerance, and internationalism. Trump’s demagogy and even his personal image promises a return to a reactionary utopia of white-skin privilege and male power over women.

To defend the democratic gains of the past, and realize the potential for a fully human liberation in the future, and to avoid the destruction of both Americans’ most cherished principles and a world of increasing division, hate, and violence, we must build a new mass movement to defeat Trump and everything he stands for. The building of such a mass democratic movement is the greatest and most urgent challenge of our times. Our new mass movement, by mobilizing everything that’s best in us, can defeat Trump and his ugly mob, which concentrates everything that is worst in American history. Now is the time to build the movement to defeat Trump through mass political education, struggle, and direct action. Join BAMN now in building this movement. We cannot let Trump win.

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