MARCH IN OAKLAND on the June 1st National Day of Action for Full Citizenship Rights for All!

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Gather Saturday, June 1st, at 2:00pm at Plaza de la Fuente (near 34th Ave. + International Blvd. and near Fruitvale BART)

March to the Downtown Oakland Federal Building!

For the first time since 2006, new federal immigration legislation is on the agenda. Everyone’s talking about it, but we have the chance to shape it: to make it into what we need and deserve. The politicians want us to stay out of this debate and watch the first to final drafts of the new law unfold on TV. But there is no reason we should allow a bunch of suits in the capital to dictate, subjugate and limit the futures of our friends families neighbors and ourselves. Our young movement must determine the outcome of the immigration reform debate.


  • Full citizenship rights for all people who live here, go to school here, work here, and otherwise contribute to this society. Latina/o, black, Asian, Arab, Native American, white, immigrants with and without papers–we are ALL Americans.

  • Open the borders—give people the same rights that NAFTA provides to the corporations for unrestricted passage across borders.

  • No more deportations.

  • Make all young people brought by their parents full citizens now.

  • No fines for the millions of people without papers who are here now.

  • Stop long probationary periods for people to gain citizenship. Create a quick and cheap pathway to citizenship for all undocumented people.

  • Pass the federal DREAM Act Now!


Earlier this month, BAMN won the restoration of Oakland’s Cinco de Mayo celebration! Watch BAMN’s speeches at the Cinco de Mayo celebration, and scenes from the march!

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