Join the UC-Berkeley Library Occupation!

Our movement is fighting to win. We voted on demands and we intend to win them.

Join the occupation of UC-Berkeley’s Anthropology Library! It’s in Rm. 230 of Kroeber Hall, at the intersection of Bancroft + College.

The occupation of the Anthropology Library to restore its full hours has begun! We can save it if we continue to simply come, study, and keep it open.

We are writing from the occupation/”study-in” of the Anthropology Library in UCB’s Kroeber Hall. Lots of people are here keeping the library open to the public, and to reverse the administration’s move to reduce library staff hours by nearly 50%. The Anthropology faculty voted unanimously today to support the occupation, and professors are here side by side with students and community members. More of them are signing up to take shifts with us over the next days for as long as it takes to reverse this cut.

JOIN US! We especially need people here during the Library’s non-official hours: Friday before 12pm, and Friday starting at 4 pm in order to hold it through the weekend.

By winning this, we can make this the movement’s first victory of 2012 and provide a model  for winning the rest of our demands, including doubling underrepresented minority enrollment at Cal, restoring affirmative action, winning a UC-wide Dream Act, lowering fees to their 2009 level, and dropping all criminal and student code of conduct charges against campus protesters.  Let’s start with an early victory now!

Bring a sleeping bag; bring your friends; bring your homework; bring your passion to defend public education.

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  1. Ronald Cruz April 10, 2014 at 12:10 pm

    This occupation was awesome! And fun!