Confront and Defeat the Trump Movement: COUNTER-PROTEST the Pro-Trump Berkeley Rally

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Confront and Defeat the Trump Movement: COUNTER-PROTEST the Pro-Trump Berkeley Rally

Confront and Defeat the Trump Movement:
Counter-Protest the Pro-Trump Berkeley Rally

No Platform for Fascists and White Supremacists

(The pro-Trump rally is scheduled for 2PM)

MLK Civic Center Park, 2151 MLK Jr. Way (at Center), 2 blocks west of Downtown Berkeley BART

  • Defend Berkeley’s Sanctuary City Status! No Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Muslim Scapegoating!
  • Full Citizenship Rights Now for All Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers!
  • Take Action to Stop ICE Raids and Deportations, and Racist Attacks on Immigrants!
  • Latina/o, Black, Native American, Arab, Asian, and White, Immigrants With and Without Papers—We Are ALL Californians!

Flyer in PDF

Poster in PDF

The anti-Trump movement needs to stay united, look out for each other, and have each other’s back. For the safety of the protest, everyone should wear blue jeans, white, gray or black tshirt and/or jacket. Bring a hat or something else to cover your head and a bandana in case of tear gas.

The so-called “March 4 Trump” demonstrations that have been called in several cities around the country are Trump’s supporters desperately trying to create the appearance of popular support for their president whose racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim policies have been met with nationwide mass protest resistance and national and international condemnation.

The pro-Trump demonstration called for March 4th in the city of Berkeley, CA is a direct response by the demoralized and divided Trump supporters and the white supremacists connected to neo-fascist groups like the “Proud Boys,” to the strength and power of the anti-Trump movement in the Bay Area that successfully shut down neo-fascist Milo Yiannopoulos on February 1, 2017.

March 4th is the next opportunity for the anti-Trump forces to express the power and commitment of our new movement in defense of immigrant rights and against all of Donald Trump’s attacks. The people of Berkeley have a long history of progressive civil rights and immigrant rights mass struggle. Our city stands unequivocally for integration, equality, and in defense of our immigrant communities. We need to make clear to neo-fascists of the “Alt-Right” in the Trump movement that there is a real mass movement of people in this nation that is determined to block their rise to power and that will defend ourselves and our friends, families, neighbors, classmates and coworkers from racist harassment and violence.

UC-Berkeley students and community members won a tremendous victory against President Trump and his proto-fascist movement on February 1 by shutting down white supremacist, Breitbart News Editor and demagogue Milo Yiannopoulos. Thousands of people mobilized in defense of immigrant and Muslim students, against racism, sexism, and homophobia, and stood united at Sproul Plaza chanting “Shut it down!” The protest took effective and prompt mass action that stopped Yiannopoulos’ racist-recruitment event from going forward. Yiannopoulos, Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon, their Breitbart News organization, and Holocaust-denier and fascist David Horowitz had planned to use college speaking tours of these “Alt-Right celebrities” to call into being a proto-fascist movement on college campuses, including at UC Berkeley, to force universities to abandon their commitments to being sanctuary campuses and to terrorize and crush resistance to Trump’s racist plan to deport millions of immigrants. Instead, the enthusiastic and determined anger of thousands of students and community members at UC Berkeley shut down and dealt Yiannopoulos and his ilk a humiliating defeat. The events in Berkeley provided the anti-Trump movement with an example of how to fight and win. Trump supporters like the CPAC and Breitbart were fearful that any association with Yiannopoulos or other neo-fascist alt-rightist leaders like Richard Spencer, would result in mass mobilizations at the events they sponsored. That, combined with the anti-Trump movement’s exposé of Yiannopoulos’ defense of child abuse, led to the cancellation of his invitation to speak at public events, lost him his book deal, and forced him out as an editor at Breitbart—effectively ending Yiannopoulos’ career as a professional “Alt-Right” provocateur. The mass, militant protest at Berkeley on Feb. 1 was more than protest, it was a rebellion against Donald Trump’s entire hate-filled, dangerous vision for America. March 4 gives Berkeley another chance to provide the anti-Trump movement with the model and leadership of how to defeat the Trump movement.

Just as Berkeley students did in the 1960s, Berkeley students and community members provided a model of action, showing millions of students and young people across the country who are looking for a way forward that there is a force—the new mass, militant, integrated, student-led civil rights movement—that has the power to confront and defeat Trump. Let’s build on that spirit and determination in all our efforts to defeat Trump’s whole movement and get him out by any means necessary. All out on March 4th! Confront and defeat the Trump movement! No platform for fascists and white supremacists!  Defend Berkeley as a Sanctuary City!  Defeat Trump’s racist and misogynistic movement of hate!  No anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim scapegoating!  Latina/o, black, Native American, Arab, Asian, and white, immigrants with and without papers—we are ALL Californians!

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