Charlottesville: Never Again! All Out to Shut Down the Alt-Right and Nazis in San Francisco and Berkeley

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Charlottesville: Never Again! All Out to Shut Down the Alt-Right and Nazis in San Francisco and Berkeley

Charlottesville: Never Again!

All Out to Shut Down the Alt-Right and Nazis in San Francisco and Berkeley!

No Platform for Fascists and White Supremacists!

Trump Must Resign or Be Removed!

Updated important info for BAMN contingent this weekend to shut down the Alt-Right and Nazi’s. Don’t believe the right-wing’s claims that they’ve cancelled. They are just trying to reduce the turnout from anti-fascists and progressives. Other white supremacists have said they’re still coming both to SF and Berkeley, and the alt-right’s Saturday event was simply moved to Alamo Square Park in SF. We’ve got them on the run and trying to bob and weave, now it’s time to ensure our victory and double down on our determination and mobilization. Therefore:

1. For UCB and East Bay: Sat 10 am meet at Sproul Steps or downtown Berkeley BART station at 10:30 am to head to SF. We will march to Alamo Square Park and get there by 12 pm to shut down the Alt-Right and Fascist recruitment rally.

2. Uniform for Sat. and Sun: white Tshirt, blue jeans or black pants, a plain blue or black baseball hat, and bring a bandana. This shows solidarity, and keeps you safer in case of tear gas or mace. No contact lenses if possible. Comfortable closed toe shoes. If you don’t have one of these items, some people will have extra. If you have extra hat or bandana bring it.

3. Sun. meet at 9:15am Sproul steps to march to MLK Civic Cntr Park, Allston Way/MLK Way (across from BHS).

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Sunday, August 27th in Berkeley
10AM: Gather at MLK Civic Center Park
(MLK Jr. Way / Addison St.)
Fascists officially gather 1pm – 4pm

**Wear a White T-Shirt in Solidarity with Immigrant Rights and a Bandanna for Safety**



BAMN Mass Meeting on Shutting Down and Defeating the Fascists:
Friday, August 25 at 7pm
Steps of Sproul Hall, UC-Berkeley (North of Bancroft and Telegraph)




Saturday, August 26th in San Francisco
Gather at Marina Green – Between Filmore & Scott on Marina Blvd
March to Chrissy Field, San Francisco
(Fascists Officially Gather 2pm – 5pm)


Student Walkouts for Immigrant Rights, 2006


** Defend Sanctuary Cities! Make California a Sanctuary State! No Muslim Ban! No Wall!

** Stop Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Muslim Scapegoating! Full Citizenship Rights Now for All Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers!

** Take Action to Stop ICE Raids and Deportations, and Racist Attacks on Immigrants!

** Latina/o, Black, Native American, Arab, Asian, and White, Immigrants With and Without Papers – We are ALL Californians!

** Abolish the Electoral College

**Universal healthcare for all in California and the nation!


Stopping cold-blooded fascist murder and assaults in Charlottesville from being repeated will take mass, direct action. Neo-Nazis and KKK supporters, emboldened by Trump, are trying to grow and recruit. They are coming to San Francisco and Berkeley August 26-27 to terrorize and attack the Bay Area community. Their targets will be immigrants, black, Latina/o, Asian, Arab, Native American, Jewish, Muslim, and LGBTQ members of the community. All who stand against racism and the growth of fascism in America must unite and shut down their murderous efforts before they carry out any more attacks.

The tragedy in Charlottesville teaches the painful lesson that whenever Nazis and other white supremacists are able to gather, they are emboldened to carry out violent attacks. Ignoring them doesn’t make them go away; it only strengthens them. In Charlottesville, Nazis and KKK supporters atacked students, residents, and clergy even before the official rally started. On Friday night, students were viciously attacked by a torch-carrying lynch mob, and clergy were attacked by the same fascists the next day in broad daylight, hours before the official rally began. All this happened while police standing by did nothing to stop them.

Siva Vaidhyanathan, Charlottesville resident and Professor of Media Studies at the University of Virginia, who had ignored the fascist rally and instead went to the campus for a series of teach-ins on the danger of fascism, reflected in his OPED to the NY Times, “I now believe we made the wrong choice… Next time I will stand on the street with my neighbors, even at the risk of injury or death. It’s the least I can do to repay those who stood bravely this time.”

The Resistance movement against Trump can force Trump to resign or be removed, as long we organize and continue to fight in the streets, our schools, and workplaces. As long as Donald Trump is President, the alt-right and fascists will be emboldened and continue to organize and grow. Taking matters into our own hands, mobilizing our own community defense, we have the power to stop fascist attacks now. The fascists are trying to grow, but they can be defeated. Join BAMN to organize, fight, and win.



Rally to Defend Child Immigrants – Lansing, MI July 2014


BAMN – Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, Immigrant Rights & Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary     [email protected]      BAMN Bay Area Hotline: (510) 817-2617


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All Out to Shut Down the Alt-Right and Nazis!


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