BAMN Statement on Arizona Immigration Ruling

BAMN June 29, 2012 Featured, Immigrants Rights, Social Justice Comments Off on BAMN Statement on Arizona Immigration Ruling

Shanta Driver, BAMN National Chair. released the following statement on today’s U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Arizona’s draconian immigration law:

“BAMN views the split verdict issued by the U.S. Supreme Court in Arizona et al v. the United States as a defeat for the anti-immigrant right wing in AmericaHowever, while this ruling is a victory for the immigrant rights movement, it does not suggest that we are entering into a period of progressive immigration reform, since the ruling was made by the majority purely on the basis of federalism, rather than on the basis of the rights of the undocumented in America. We must continue to build a mass, independent, immigrant rights movement to achieve the full citizenship rights that are long overdue for the millions of people who work, study and contribute to the life of this country, but are forced to live in the shadows because they do not have papers.”


Listen to the interview with BAMN Chairperson Shanta Driver on Black Agenda Radio 7/3/12 about the Supreme Court Decision on Arizona v. United States (starts at 13.00 min):

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