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The UC-Berkeley library occupiers won their demand to fully restore  the library hours to Fall 2011 levels and hire a full-time new librarian to permanently staff these hours. At about 7:30PM Saturday night, the administration signed a written agreement that fully met the occupation’s demands.

Occupiers celebrate holding up the signed agreement.

The administration signed the following agreement:
“1. On Monday, January 23rd signs will go up that the library hours will be restored to the Fall 2011 schedule — opening at 9:00AM and closing at 6:00PM on weekdays, and open from 1:00 to 6:00PM on Saturday and Sunday. On an interim basis staffing for this position will be by Undergraduate or Graduate student workers, hired under normal procedures. The first day with the new hours will depend on how quickly students for this work can be recruited. The recruitment will begin this Monday morning January 23rd.

“2. The Library commits to post a position to support the full circulation services needed by all users of the Anthropology Library as soon as this can be written and approved and to commence interviews for the position within 30 days of the signature of this Agreement.

“Signed by Administration Representative: Tom Leonard, University Librarian on January 21, 2012.”

(Note: The Anthropology faculty have agreed to help staff the Library’s full hours beginning Monday, Jan. 23rd until the interim student hire is made.)

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  1. Ronald Cruz January 23, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    I was an occupier and so proud to be part of this victory and so happy to have met so many great people! So what should we occupy next folks!?