Build an Integrated Metro-Wide School District for Detroit

Nicole Conaway July 31, 2011 Public Education Comments Off on Build an Integrated Metro-Wide School District for Detroit

Reflecting on “The Ferndale Document” (The Truth About Segregation in Ferndale Public Schools) and this passage really spoke to me.

”  all but the very wealthiest suburban school districts are experiencing financial hardships. Unable to rely  on  either the  state  or  private  contributions to  keep their districts afloat, and with few new residents or even a declining population, these districts must turn to Detroit students. The per-pupil funding that Detroiters can bring to the suburban districts puts dollar signs in the eyes of district administrations…

the  fact  that  Detroit  students  regularly cross  district  lines  and  attend  suburban  schools  is  an historic  breakthrough,  in  and  of  itself.  From  their  very inception,  the  white  suburbs  have  existed  for  no  other reason than to exclude black Detroiters;  segregation has been  the  living  foundation  of   those  suburbs  for generations.  The fact that the suburbs must now disrupt that foundation  creates  an  enormous  opportunity for  us to  shatter  the  foundation  entirely.  That,  in  conjunction with the progressive ideals of today’s young generation,expressed in part through the election of Barack Obama,lets  us  know  that  we  have  allies  on  the  other  side  of Eight Mile.”

It’s just so true. NOW is the time to build the integrated metro-wide district we need we need to bring real equality to our schools.

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