BAMN Detroit Occupies Libraries to Save Them from Closure!

Photo of library demonstration

Rally Dec. 22 to stop the closing of the libraries!

Save the Detroit 11! Peaceful protesters who occupied the Lincoln branch are being held in Detroit jails tonight (12/22), and they are threatened with felony charges and the possibility of being held through Christmas. Call the Detroit Jail at 313-596-1100 and demand their immediate release!

Save Detroit Libraries from being closed!

All Out at 5:00PM today, Thursday, Dec. 22

Lincoln Branch Library (1221 E. Seven Mile Road at Russell St., Detroit)

Monteith Branch Library (14100 Kersheval Road at East Lawn, Detroit)

• Keep All Libraries Open! • No More School Closings • Stop the destruction of our neighborhoods! • Build the new civil rights movement!

Today is the last day these libraries are scheduled to be open to the public. We will not let them close. Come out and defend our right to read, learn, grown, develop and shine!

(Live stream from occupation begins 5PM Eastern)

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  1. Ronald Cruz December 22, 2011 at 10:07 pm

    The barrage of attacks against Detroit, a 90+% black city, is outrageous. We need more occupations like this to save Detroit! Solidarity from Occupy Berkeley and all occupy movements across the world!