BAMN Launches Fight Against New Wave of Detroit School Closings

BAMN February 10, 2012 Public Education Comments Off on BAMN Launches Fight Against New Wave of Detroit School Closings

Come to a planning meeting:

Wednesday, February 15th at 5pm

Mount Calvary Baptist Church

4741-43 Iroquois at Forest Street, Detroit, MI, 48214

This week, the Emergency Manager of the Detroit Public Schools publicly announced the list of Detroit Public schools that he intends to close at the end of this year, including successful schools like Ludington Magnet Middle School, crucial special education programs like the Detroit Day School for the Deaf, which serves deaf students from all across southeastern Michigan and several high schools, including Southwestern, Kettering and Crockett, which would leave thousands of students without a neighborhood high school or a safe, reliable way to get to any high school.

A second announcement of the schools to be transferred to the “State District” is expected shortly. Most of the schools to be taken over by the state will simply be turned over to charter operators who have privatized, but not improved, so many Detroit Public Schools.

BAMN will lead the fight to stop the school closings and privatizations, as we have every year. Last year, through the occupation of Catherine Ferguson Academy, we saved CFA, and also stopped the closing of many other schools that were on the chopping block.

Below is a video of the public statements of two BAMN organizers, high school senior Leroy Lewis, and BAMN organizer and attorney Monica Smith, made at the announcement of the closure of Southwestern High School.

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