Ferguson / St. Louis Public Tribunal for Truth and Action: Justice for Michael Brown

BAMN December 5, 2014 Fighting Racism, Police Brutality Comments Off on Ferguson / St. Louis Public Tribunal for Truth and Action: Justice for Michael Brown

Photo of Michael BrownWednesday, December 10, 6pm

at Greater Saint Mark Family Church

9950 Glen Owen Dr., St. Louis, MO 63136

  • Jail Darren Wilson NOW!

  • Drop All Charges Against Civil Rights Protesters

  • Stop the Racist Attacks Against Minority Youth

  • Jail the Killer Cops: A Badge is Not a License to Kill

  • End the Policy of Cover-up and Blaming the Victim

  • Down with the New Jim Crow! Down with the New Police State!

  • Build the Independent, Integrated, and Youth-led New Civil Rights Movement

  • No Justice in Ferguson. No Peace Anywhere!

The struggle for justice in Ferguson has moved into a new phase. To sustain a renewed period of action both in Ferguson and across the nation, it is necessary to build the leadership of the movement and to expose the truth behind the racist murder and the fraudulent legal process. The world needs to know what really happened, how a young black man was killed for no reason, how his racist killer was protected by the criminal justice system, and how a small community confronted the systematic, New Jim Crow policies of repression and cover-up. It is necessary to demand that the killer cop, Darren Wilson, be placed behind bars; but it is also necessary for us to put on trial the entire sham political machine and America’s new police state—the prosecutor, the governor, the police force, the Justice Department, the FBI, and the endless barrage of lies. The Public Tribunal will provide the opportunity for open testimony from the community, for critical analysis, and for building the organizing power to move forward and achieve victory.

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