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BAMN Bay Area Organizing Meeting to Win Justice for Michael Brown + Eric Garner

Building the Movement for Justice for Michael Brown + Eric Garner
Drawing Lessons and Building from Here

BAMN organizing meeting berkeley-dec6
Friday Dec. 12 at 6 pm174 Barrows Hall, UC Berkeley

• Jail Darren Wilson NOW!
• Drop All Charges Against Civil Rights Protesters
• Stop the Racist Attacks Against Black, Latina/o, and Minority Youth
• Jail the Killer Cops: A Badge is Not a License to Kill
• End the Policy of Cover-up and Blaming the Victim
• Abolish the Grand Jury System
• Create more jobs and educational opportunities. Establish new school desegregation programs.
• Down with the New Jim Crow! Down with the New Police State!
• Build the Independent, Integrated, and Youth-led New Civil Rights Movement
• No Justice in Ferguson. No Peace Anywhere!

BAMN has organized and led mass marches over the past 3 weeks in Berkeley, Oakland, Detroit, LA, and Ferguson and are committed to winning these demands By Any Means Necessary. We have expressed and increased the power of the movement for Justice for Michael Brown and Eric Garner by shutting down business as usual in the absence of these requirements for real justice. The next necessary step is to build greater organization within our movement and develop a long-term strategy to win.

Come Friday December 12th to BAMN’s meeting to establish a program for how we can win these objectives and to build the core of leaders necessary to do so.

The Bay Area demonstrations for Justice for Michel Brown and Eric Garner have inspired millions around the world. The hundreds and thousands of people that participated in the marches these past few weeks can lead this movement to winning the jailing of the killer cops in Ferguson and New York, and much more, but only if our movement develops clearer political, strategic, and tactical objectives.

BAMN’s political program and priorities are set squarely on fighting the new Jim Crow and institutional racism. We believe that this movement has the power to win decisive victories in establishing greater equality and opportunities for minority communities. We know this program represents the hopes and desires of the vast majority of people who have marched with us these past weeks. We intend to put forward and fight for a plan for increasing our strength and numbers over the next period of time so that we can actually win the aims of those that marched with us, night after night after night.

We must build greater organization among our ranks if we are to win our long-term goals. We cannot rely on spontaneity or the strength of our individual wills to carry this movement forward.

The Friday meeting will be focused on drawing lessons from the actions we have taken over the past three weeks. We are in a dynamic, changing political situation that we must learn from in order to build on.

Come to the BAMN meeting tomorrow. Tell everyone you know that cares about this movement to come. Consolidating our strength is the next test of our movement.