Stop Terry Jones from Building a Racist, Anti-Muslim Movement

BAMN April 4, 2012 Immigrants Rights, Islamophobia Comments Off on Stop Terry Jones from Building a Racist, Anti-Muslim Movement

RALLY, SATURDAY APRIL 7th at 11:00 am

 The Islamic Center of America 19500 Ford Road, Dearborn, MI 48128

ALL OUT to Protect and Keep Safe the Arab and Muslim community!

Defend Freedom of Religion for All!

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Stop Racist Immigrant-Bashing and the Scapegoating of America’s Arab, Black, Latina/o, Asian, Islamic and Other Minority and Immigrant Communities

Our new movement took an important step forward last spring when we stopped the racist self-styled “pastor,” Terry Jones, from burning the Qur’an in front of the Islamic Center of America, the largest mosque in the country.

Arab, Muslim, Black, Latina/o, Asian & White – We Are All Dearborn, Detroit and its Surrounding Area

At Jones’ rally in front of City Hall, a thousand people from Dearborn, Detroit and the surrounding area turned out to express their anger and opposition to Jones’s effort to terrorize our community.

At Jones’s rally, and in his public association over the last year with the openly fascist, immigrant-bashing British National Party, it has become all the more clear that Jones intends to build an organization to harass and terrorize the Muslim and Arab communities of the United States.

While we succeeded in stopping Jones and his gaggle of racist thugs from rallying in front of the Islamic Center and demonstrated our opposition in front of City Hall, we did not do enough to prevent him from returning.

Jones announced on Feb. 1, 2012 that he will hold a demonstration on April 7th in front of Dearborn’s largest mosque.

Freedom of religion is one of the most basic and longstanding individual and civil rights in America, and the premise of equality is that every individual in American society has the right to dignity and freedom from intimidation and harassment for who they are and what they believe.

No Second-Class Treatment for Minority & Immigrant Communities: Stop the New Jim Crow!

If we allow these rights to be taken away from America’s Muslim community, then everyone is in danger of losing these precious rights.

No More Raids & Deportations! Full Rights for All Immigrants!

Dearborn is America’s largest and most important Arab center. If we fail to mobilize and defend the right of our Muslim community members to religious freedom and celebration of Arab and Islamic culture, we will embolden every far-right-wing political organization to attack our mosques and churches, our schools and our community. We will expose smaller Arab and Muslim communities to attack. The anti-immigrant racist bigots, who already feel plenty strong in this area, will feel invigorated to continue their gross, racist attacks against all of Michigan’s minority and immigrant communities.

If we mobilize our community to stand up and march on Saturday, April 7th, and we turn out in the thousands, Jones will not dare to even get out of his car.

He will flee Dearborn in defeat.  On the other hand, if we accede to Jones, or “ignore him,” we will hand him a victory that we can easily deny him. Our aim must be to give Jones a rousing defeat in order to assure that Jones and other racists know that they can never come back to Dearborn.

We have the right to organize community self-defense to protect our basic right to religious freedom, respect and dignity. We know from our experience with the police, the ICE and the courts, that we cannot rely for protection on the governmental bodies that have singled out our communities for harassment and discrimination.

If we listen to those who are urging us to stay home or go to a rally somewhere other than Jones’ planned gathering, we will give away the rights that millions of people in the Arab world are fighting and dying to attain.

We cannot take democratic freedoms for granted. They only exist if those who have them fight to defend them against anyone trying to take them back.

In the next few years, America will become a majority-minority nation. We have the right and the duty to stand up, to stand strong, and to stand together for this new America to be a diverse, multicultural, integrated, equal society.

We should never be ashamed of who we are. If we make ourselves look weak when we are strong, we simply let the racists and religious bigots define the character of our society and its future.

We call on all those who oppose racism and religious bigotry, and who cherish fundamental democratic rights to gather at the Islamic Center of America on April 7th to ensure that Jones and his followers are not allowed to harass or intimidate Muslims in Dearborn.


BAMN is committed to building a new youth-led, integrated civil rights movement. We are fighting for full rights for all immigrants, undocumented and documented. We oppose the rise of the new Jim Crow, the attacks on public education and the furious bi-partisan campaign to relegate black, Latina(o), Arab and other minority and immigrant communities to permanent second-class status.

Build the New Youth-led, Independent, Mass Civil Rights Movement

We know we can unite all the oppressed in a common, integrated fight for equality, dignity and prosperity. We are the only organization that rejects the view that only the rich and powerful have the power to determine the future of this nation and all the nations in the world. United in a mass movement, we know the oppressed have the power to change every political and social policy to determine our destiny.

Realize Dr. King’s Vision for America in Metro-Detroit

BAMN wants the oppressed to win. We know how to organize the power of the oppressed on an independent basis to win. The poverty, inequality and subjugation of whole nations created by the political policy of this nation to put profit before human needs, has a death grip on the majority of the world’s people. We should not allow this to grow worse when we have the power to win.

To those who want to fight for equality, freedom, dignity and pride for all, we say, join BAMN now. We need a new generation of bold, young, committed leaders now, who will not accept failure as an option. BAMN pledges to never rest until every young person, black, Latina(o), Arab, Asian and white, male and female, gay and straight, has the freedom to live and love, grow and develop without fear or degradation. If you feel as we feel, the fierce urgency of now, to fight and win, then join us. Our communities have the power to win–join us in giving them the leaders they deserve.



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