All Out for the Oakland General Strike Wednesday, November 2!

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Mayor Jean Quan Must Go!

Jail the Cops Responsible for Attacking Protesters!

Mass Convergence on 14th Street and Broadway
9:00 am and 12:00 pm
5:00 pm March to the Port of Oakland


We are in the middle of a struggle in which our class enemies aim to fundamentally change the racial, economic, and political character of Oakland. Their aim with last Tuesday’s vicious police attack and Wednesday’s School Board vote to close five Oakland schools is to try to defeat the defiance and history of black power and mass resistance in Oakland.

Keep All Oakland Schools Open—No School Closures!

We need to rebuild the occupation as a mass occupation to turn the tide, restore Oakland’s proud tradition of being America’s most left wing community, and place Oakland in the lead of the nation. Conceding the right to do a mass occupation and express populist democracy in action would be a real set back for our movement.

No Raids or Deportations! Keep Oakland a Sanctuary City and Make Our Occupation a Sanctuary for All Immigrants, With and Without Papers!

This is the first real test of the balance of power between the state and the community since Oscar Grant. The movement can win this struggle but only if we’re fighting to win. All out Nov. 2 for the Oakland General Strike!

See the Occupy Oakland Resolution on the Call for the November 2 General Strike.

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