DONATE to the April 10, 2013 Contingent for Full Citizenship Rights for ALL IMMIGRANTS!

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Thousands of students will march in D.C. for full citizenship rights for all, if given the chance.

Supporters of immigrant rights can fight and win much, much more than what is being offered. Sponsoring the BAMN youth contingent on April 10, 2013 is YOUR CHANCE to ensure that the inadequate “bipartisan framework” becomes full citizenship for the 11 million people across the country who are undocumented. 

They want to be the young, proud voice of their generation demanding dignity and equality.

Make April 10, 2013 the HISTORIC DAY on which a new mass, integrated and youth-led immigrant and civil rights movement declares it is on its feet, and will never be satisfied until we receive the full equality, dignity, and respect we deserve.

The Demands of the BAMN Contingent:

  • REPLACE PARTIAL PROBATIONARY STATUS WITH FULL CITIZENSHIP RIGHTS for all people who live here, go to school here, work here, and otherwise contribute to this society. Latina/o, black, Asian, Arab, Native American, white, immigrants with and without papers–we are ALL Americans.
  • OPEN THE BORDERS–give people the same rights that NAFTA provides the corporations for unrestricted passage across borders.
  • NO RESTRICTIONS to gaining citizenship should be placed on young people brought by their parents.
  • NO FINES for the millions of people without papers who are here now. No more deportations.
  • CLEAR, DEFINITE TIMELINES should be set for people to gain citizenship–not indefinite probation.


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