Defend Yvette Felarca! Stop the Political Witch-hunt!


Defend Yvette Felarca:

Stop the Political Witch-hunt!

Drop the Bogus Charges against Anti-Fascist Protesters!

Stop Trump’s Racist Vision for America!


Fill the courtroom on Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 at 8:30AM 

Lorenzo Patino Hall of Justice , 651 I St., Sacramento, CA 95814

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Yvette Felarca, an internationally recognized activist in the movement to defeat Trump, is now under attack. She is facing trumped-up charges from police for the anti-fascist demonstration in Sacramento over a year ago. As a national organizer for the By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) coalition, Yvette has played a critical role in organizing several Northern California counter-protests of Trump’s most dangerous neo-Nazi and “alt right” supporters.

On June 26, 2016, at the height of the Trump Presidential campaign, Yvette protested neo-Nazi/KKK members who, emboldened by Trump, had scheduled a recruitment rally on the steps of the capitol in Sacramento. As fascists marched up the steps of the capitol, carrying knives and home-made spears, they stabbed Yvette and a dozen other anti-fascist protesters while the police stood by and did nothing to deter the Nazi violence. Wounded, Yvette appeared on several news outlets, declaring that the protest had done the right thing, and that the fascists had to be prevented from rallying whenever they tried.

Yvette has continued her work, defending militant action to shut down alt-right organizer and now defunct former Brietbart editor Milo Yiannopolous at UC Berkeley, opposing alt-right and neo-fascist recruitment rallies and attacks in Berkeley and other parts of the county. Despite being removed from her job last fall in retaliation for her statements on the Sacramento protest, Yvette’s vast community support prevailed over the first phase of the witch-hunt. Her defense campaign, led by students, parents, and proponents of justice from Berkeley and across the globe, succeeded in returning her to her job after six weeks of organizing. Right-wing and neo-Nazi trolls have hounded her for over a year, but failed to force her out of her job or curtail her role in the movement.

Now the police and other law enforcement are escalating the witch-hunt against her. Yvette was arrested on July 18 on outlandish charges dating back to the 2016 Sacramento protest, including felony assault, as well as misdemeanor riot and inciting riot, despite the fact that she was the one stabbed by a fascist. Two other anti-fascist protesters, Michael Williams and Porfirio Paz, have also been charged from the 2016 Sacramento protest. Only one fascist has been arrested.

The movement to defeat Donald Trump and the threat of a fascist movement coming to power in America must act now to defend one of our bravest fighters and leaders.  Yvette Felarca needs your support now to fight this political witch-hunt and defeat this latest, escalated attack by the police. Defending anti-fascist activists, especially someone as prominent as Yvette, is essential in defeating the growth of fascism.  Pack the courtroom to demand the charges against Yvette Felarca, Michael Williams, and Porfirio Paz be dropped. Take action to stop Trump’s tyranny and the coming to power of fascism in America.


Contact Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert and demand she drop the charges against Yvette Felarca, Mike Williams, and Porfirio Paz:

Schubert’s office can be reached at (916) 874-6218

(After hours, press 1 for Directory. Then S-C-H-U to get to the list of staff. Schubert is the 1st of 6 choices.)
Email [email protected]


Sample email and message below:
Dear Anne Marie Schubert,
I am writing to urge you to reverse your decision to prosecute Yvonne (also known as Yvette) Felarca on false, scapegoating charges of assault, riot, and incitement to riot. She was the one beaten and stabbed by neo-Nazis who went on a rampage over a year ago stabbing multiple anti-fascist protesters. The whole world is watching, and this will be one among many letters you will receive. In the interests of justice and in opposition of the Trump administration’s many attacks on freedom of speech, immigrants, and civil rights, I implore you to drop all charges against Yvonne Felarca and the other anti-fascist protesters Michael Williams and Porfirio Paz.
In Earnest Hope,
Your Name
City, State



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