VICTORY! UC-Berkeley chancellor forced to resign

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General Assembly at Occupy Cal photoFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

Movement celebrates victory today:
UC-Berkeley chancellor forced to resign

Students also demand that Birgeneau withdraw the criminal charges filed against Nov. 9 protesters before he leaves

PRESS CONFERENCE Tuesday, March 13th, 3:30pm
MLK Student Union, outside Tully’s Cafe (Bancroft + Telegraph, Berkeley)

BAMN and other movement activists will hold a press conference at UC-Berkeley today celebrating the movement’s victory forcing the resignation of UCB Chancellor Robert Birgeneau.

At the press conference will be YVETTE FELARCA, the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit brought against UC-Berkeley for police brutality from November 9, BAMN’s Northern California coordinator, and now a defendant facing criminal charges from Birgeneau and the Alameda County District Attorney for being at the November 9 protest.

“The new student movement demanding the preservation of public education and the restoration of affirmative action has won a major victory today,” Felarca said. “Chancellor Birgeneau’s resignation has been one of the top demands of the movement ever since he authorized police to beat me and countless other protesters who were standing up for public education on November 9, 2011. Birgeneau had to go. No chancellor can survive after doing what he did to his own students.”

“Birgeneau’s resignation is a confession that his policies of privatization, police brutality, and prosecutions have been a disaster,” said Monica Smith, BAMN attorney representing many protesters from November 9. “Before he leaves, he needs to withdraw the criminal charges he has brought against November 9 protesters and bring this political witch hunt to an end.”

“This victory is the result of the increased social power that students now have to determine the character of our education and the policies of this society,” said Matt Williams, UC-Berkeley senior and BAMN organizer. “On April 6, 2012, students will take direct action to double underrepresented minority student enrollment for the fall class and demand that all charges stemming from the November 9 protest be withdrawn and dropped—UC-Berkeley is a public university and must be democratically run and opened up to all of California.”

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