Overturn Prop 2! Restore Affirmative Action in Michigan!

BAMN February 13, 2012 Affirmative Action, Public Education Comments Off on Overturn Prop 2! Restore Affirmative Action in Michigan!

All Out to Cincinnati on March 7th!

On March 7th at 1pm in Cincinnati,Ohio the full panel of 17 Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals judges will review their peers’ ruling that the ban on race-conscious admissions in Michigan is illegal and that affirmative action must be restored.

The presence of hundreds of affirmative action supporters inside and outside the courtroom will strongly impact the outcome of the hearings. Judges are not above society. Their job is to assure the stability of our society and the authority of its institutions. We must convince them through our active support that closing the doors of opportunity to black, Latino/a and Native American students in a soon-to-be majority-minority nation is not socially viable.

If you can attend and either NEED transportation or can PROVIDE transportation, please fill out the form below.

If you cannot come yourself, make a donation to enable a student who has the time, but not the money, to come.  The cost of a bus ticket for each student is $40.

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